FAQ - ReviewQuran


Why must I be under the instruction of a Quran teacher?
Reciting the Holy Quran correctly involves more than knowing how to read Arabic. Tajweed rules need to be understood, applied correctly, and their implementation constantly evaluated by a qualified Quran teacher. The purpose of ReviewQuran is to help students memorizing the Holy Quran in the REVISION of their memorization. The founders of ReviewQuran do not want to be held accountable for aiding in the incorrect memorization of the Holy Quran.

Is there a fee?
No, but we humbly ask that you pray for the success of the site and its students.

Is there a ReviewQuran App?
In sha Allah in the near future an App will be available. 

How/where are the sessions held?
ReviewQuran is a website that acts as a student database and scheduling platform. Classes take place on mutually agreed upon communication sites. Currently, we are recommending ZOOM, SKYPE, and HANGOUTS. If there are any other programs you would like to suggest, please contact us with your suggestions.

There are no local mosques/hifz schools near me where I can take Quran Classes. How do I join your site?
We recommend you join an online Quran class.

Do you have any recommendations for an online Quran class?
ReviewQuran does not endorse a particular online program at this time. There plenty available to choose from. 

How do I cancel a review session?
If you would like to cancel an appointment, please give 4 hours notice to avoid the cancellation being recorded against you. Click on the session you wish to cancel on your Dashboard and select "cancel".  Although missed/short notice cancellations will be tallied up on your profile page, they will be removed yearly, in sha Allah.

Do you think it is safe to use video with other students?
ReviewQuran does NOT do background checks on any of its users and there are risks involved with using online platforms. To minimize these risks, we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE the use of VIDEO from both parties. It is at your discretion and your responsibility if you decide to do so.